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Notification of a wind power station operating in a compensation area

  • Permit or other obligation
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The operator of a wind power station in a wind power compensation area must pay the wind power fee. The purpose of wind power compensation is to enable the construction of wind power stations in wind power compensation areas without disturbing Finland’s territorial surveillance and military aviation.

The compensation area, i.e. the Bothnian Bay wind power area, comprises of approximately 2,425 square kilometres located in the municipalities of Hailuoto, Lumijoki, Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki. You can find the boundaries of the area on the following map:

The wind power fee is €50,000 per turbine. The wind power fee is paid in five instalments, each of which is 20% of the total sum.

Do the following

Submit a free-form notification of the wind power station to the Energy Authority before commissioning the station for commercial use. The notification must contain information on

  • the number of turbines in the wind power station
  • the time of commercial commissioning
  • the location (street address or coordinates of the power plant).

Submit the notification preferably by email to the Energy Authority’s registry. You can also submit the notification by mail or through the Permits and Supervision Service.

If the number of turbines in the station changes or its management is transferred to another operator, you must notify the Energy Authority without delay.

To whom and on what terms

A producer of electricity managing a wind power station in the wind power area of the Bothnian Bay must submit a notification of the wind power station.

The service is free of charge.


The notification must be submitted before the commercial commissioning of the power station.

Processing time

The Energy Authority will make the decision no later than five months after the notification is made.

Basic information

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Updated: 27/8/2021