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Health examinations for students in secondary education

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All first-year students in general and vocational secondary education, including adult education, are examined by nurses. The examinations are conducted with view to the students' previous health and wellbeing plans. As necessary, nurses request previous health information.

It is recommended that students fulfil the health habit form of the Pegasos medical records. Health examinations in vocational institutions include reviews of the health requirements of the students' fields of study and are conducted with view to labour laws and regulations.

Doctor's examinations are organized for first-year or second-year students in vocational educational institutions. In case a doctor's examination has been conducted in connection of admittance to the institution because of laws governing the field of study or for some other special reason, and a T-certificate or a corresponding certificate has been issued on the examination, no separate doctor's examination is conducted, unless a need for such an examination arises in the nurse's examination. It is recommended that the doctor's examinations in student health care for male students are conducted in the year when the students reach the age of military service.

Doctor's examinations are always conducted during the first year of studies

- for special needs students

- for students with chronic diseases or disabilities that affect their fields of study or their projected fields of employment

- students who are exposed to such factors during their studies that carry high risks of causing illness

- as assessed by nurses.

Doctors assess the students' resources and possible needs for support as well as the students' psychological and physical health. The doctor's examinations are conducted with view to the students' health habits and possible earlier illnesses. Health information for students focuses on support for psychological health, eating habits and physical activity, substance abuse prevention and sexual health. Doctors issue youth health certificates and, for men at the age of military service, statements for the Finnish Defence Forces. As necessary, students are referred to further examinations or treatment.

Students under 18 years of age studying in adult general upper secondary schools are examined in accordance with the first-year health examination programme of general upper secondary schools. Students in adult general upper secondary schools who only take one course are not included in the...

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