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Responsible for the service Energy Authority

Applying for advance information in accordance with the Distribution Obligation Act

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Upon application, the Energy Authority can provide advance information on whether the raw material used in the production or manufacture of biofuel or bioliquids is in accordance with section 5 of the Act on the Promotion of Biofuels in Transport (the Distribution Obligation Act), i.e. whether the raw material is eligible for double counting, whether it is in accordance with a grandfather clause o ...

Do the following

Use the Energy Authority’s form template to prepare an application following the process instructions and send it and any related attachments to the Energy Authority at

To whom and on what terms

Under the Distribution Obligation Act, the following parties can apply for advance information:

  • those under the distribution obligation of the Act on the Promotion of Biofuels in Transport
  • those liable to pay tax under the Act on Excise Duty on Liquid Fuels
  • an operator as defined in the Emissions Trading Act or an aircraft operator as defined by the Act on Aviation Emissions Trading
  • a recipient of a government grant whose grant decision requires them to verify the sustainability

Period of validity

The decision is valid until further notice.

The service is provided by

Energy Authority

Responsible for the service

Energy Authority
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Updated: 21/1/2022