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City of Kokkola

The growing and evolving Kokkola is the regional center of Central Ostrobothnia. Kokkola is bilingual and has a population of more than 48.000. Kokkola is known for its culture, sports, comprehensive provision of education and versatile economic structure. Kokkola has the largest locus of inorganic chemical industry in the Nordic countries. The Port of Kokkola is one of the largest general ports in Finland. The city is accessible by train, plane, car and bus. Kokkola is part of the municipal cycling network (Pyöräilykuntien verkosto ry). The city’s population grows with approximately 250 persons every year.

The city employs more than 2.000 employees. The City Organization of Kokkola consists of the Department of Education and Culture, Technical Services Department as well as Corporate Administration and Corporate Services. The city’s service consortium also include enterprises and one municipal utility, Kokkolan Vesi.

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Kauppatori 5

67100 Kokkola

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Business ID: 0179377-8

+358 8289111 
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The website of the City of Kokkola
www.kokkola.fiOpens in a new window.

Postal address

P.O. Box 43

67101 Kokkola