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City of Kalajoki


Kalajoki is a vibrant seaside city with 12,600 residents and an environment that is better by a point for living and working. The sea, river valleys, vast open fields and the sand dunes of Hiekkasärkät provide a diverse and beautiful environment to live, work, be active and enjoy leisure activities in.

The city’s economic structure is diverse, with flourishing business operations and a good employment situation. In Kalajoki, entrepreneurs account for 20.9 % of the employed workforce, whereas the national average is 10.5 %.

Our population count has remained constant, and the city’s finances have always been balanced in terms of all key economic indicators. Kalajoki has one of the lowest income tax rates in Northern Finland.

The quality of housing is increased by good public and private services. As one of the most popular year-round tourist centres in Finland, Kalajoki provides excellent opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

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