Go directly to contents. e-Identification uses OP Identity Service Broker

Published 13/1/2021 e-Identification has implemented OP Identity Service Broker. Previously, e-Identification had agreements on authentication with different banks. In future, all identification will pass through the OP identification broker service, regardless of which bank or telecommunications operator the user is a customer of. e-Identification is safe to use and the change does not affect the identification event itself. 

Possible user interface changes are normal and are due to the new broker service. In connection with identification, the service provider may appear to be OP, even if the banking IDs of another bank are used. Telia's appearance is used in mobile certificate identification. 

The OP identification broker service has been introduced in stages as from 7 December 2020. Nordea’s identification tokens will change over to using the OP service on 13 January 2021, after which all identification for services using e-Identification will pass through the OP service. 

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