Go directly to contents. e-Authorisations: Authorise another person to pick up your prescription medicine for you

Published 7/5/2020

If you feel that you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home until you feel better. You can authorise another person to pick you for you online using authorisation. You control yourself how long the authorization is valid. You can also cancel it if you wish. 

The person that you authorise can shop at any pharmacy. He/she does not need your Kela card, your prescription or your patient instruction, just his/her own ID card, passport or driving license. 

You can also agree with someone in a risk group to give you authority to visit a pharmacy for you.

To give an online authorisation:

  1. Go to e-AuthorizationsOpens in a new window..
  2. Identify yourself with your online banking codes, mobile certificate or identity card.
  3. Select Personal mandates as the service role.
  4. Select Grant a mandate.
  5. Add the person of your choice as the assignee (name and identity code).
  6. Select from the list the mandate theme Use of pharmacy services.
  7. Specify the mandate’s period of validity and validate the mandate.
  8. Tell the person who have granted the mandate your personal identity code and the name of the prescription medicine that you need.

Using the authorisations you can also authorise people to use many other services operated by authorities. For more information, visit in a new window..