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Contents for different life events in three languages

Published 8/17/2017

The new service provides citizens with information in situations in which they have to use the services of various authorities. These kinds of situations include, for example, the birth of a child, divorce, going on pension or the death of a relative.

These contents for different life events have now been published in three languages, i.e. Finnish, English and Swedish. Under the topics on the landing page you can find useful information by topic. For example under the topic Working life and unemployment you can find contents concerning applying for work, rules of working life, working capacity and unemployment. You can change the language of the web service using the language meny on the upper right corner of each page.

The contents for different life events are completed by the services described in the service catalogue. More services, also in English, will be added later on. The aim is that the user easily finds the service that he or she needs as well as the service channel that is suitable for him or her.