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What to do?

As an informal carer for a loved one

As a carer I want to terminate the agreement

Terminating the agreement

As a carer, you can terminate the care support agreement at any time without any special justification. The period of notice is one month. You can usually give notice in writing or by contacting the wellbeing services county´s  (or the City of Helsinki´s) social services. In most cases, they will organise a meeting after the agreement is terminated. You can then discuss your situation and future care arrangements. 

If your own health deteriorates quickly or severely so that you are no longer able to care for your family member, you should contact your case worker or the wellbeing services county´s social services immediately. It is important that alternative care can be organised quickly. 

If the care agreement endangers the health or safety of the cared-for person or carer, it will be terminated with immediate effect.  

You will be paid the informal care allowance until the end of the agreement.  

Updated: 2/1/2023

Organising alternative care

The wellbeing services county can organise your family member’s ongoing care in a number of ways. For example, another family member may become the carer, the cared-for person can be provided with additional home care services, or they can apply for a place in an assisted living or extra-care housing facility. When you terminate the agreement, the local authority will discuss with you to find the best alternative for your family member. 

If your family member can manage at home with added services and rehabilitation, these can be organised immediately. 

If you decide to apply for residential services, social welfare services in the wellbeing services county will carry out an assessment of your family member's situation. It is also possible to have housing services organized at your own home. Supporting measures include e.g. personal assistance, a safety phone and medical treatment.

If your family member is granted housing services, the  wellbeing services county must organise it within three months of the decision.

Updated: 27/12/2023

Support for personal well-being when you terminate the care relationship

The carer may terminate the care agreement for various reasons, e.g. exhaustion, divorce, relocation or personal health problems. Many feel guilty about no longer being able to care for their family member. Remember that it is also important to look after yourself.  

Talk to your case worker if you feel tired or overwhelmed. Wellbeing services counties may organise e.g. peer groups in cooperation with church groups and other organisations.   

If you are an older person, you can request help from your wellbeing services county's services for the elderly. Be active in requesting help, and accept it where available.  

Updated: 27/12/2023

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