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Financial planning of company’s activities

The company's capital structure includes equity capital and liabilities. By using a cash reserve budget you can plan how the money in the cash reserve will suffice. The better you are aware of risks, the better you can manage them and protect against them.

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Your company’s capital

Your company will need capital for launching and maintaining its operations. Capital includes equity capital and liabilities.

Short-term and long-term financial planning

Your company will have a continuous need for money for its working capital and sometimes also for investments. Money is particularly needed when you are launching or expanding your business.

Planning investments

An investment involves the purchase of capital goods, such as machines for making future profits. Use calculations to evaluate the profitability of investment projects. Find out the risks related to investments.

Financing risks

There are always risks related to business financing. These include interest rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and exchange rate risk.