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Corporate taxation

Remember to enter your company in the Tax Administration’s registers if necessary.

Submit your returns and pay your taxes on time. The deadlines usually are once a month. You can submit returns and pay your company’s taxes in MyTax.Opens in a new window.

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Business income tax

Submit an income tax return once a year and make your income tax prepayments. The prepayment of tax is based on your estimate of the company's profit.

Value-added tax

A value-added tax is paid for the sale of goods and services. Submit reports and pay the taxes at your own initiative.

Salaries and employer contributions

Report the salary data and employer contributions to the Incomes Register and pay the employer contributions on time.

Excise duty

Excise duties target the consumption of certain products such as tobacco. Obtain the required permits, and submit your returns and pay the taxes.

Appealing a tax decision

If necessary, a decision related to taxation can be appealed. Follow the instructions for appeal supplied by the Tax Administration.