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Business financial management

Financial administration is a key part of business operations. Its task is to ensure that you have enough funds for running your business and to produce financial information for decision-making. 

All companies must keep accounts. You must enter in the accounts all revenues and expenses related to your business operations and prepare the financial statements on the basis of this information. In the audit of the accounts, the auditor inspects the accounting, financial statements and administration of your company. You can also outsource the accounting and other financial administration tasks to an accounting firm.


A budget, that is to say your company's monetary action plan, helps you to assess the adequacy of financing for the budget period.

Accounting and financial administration

All enterprises are obliged to keep accounts. You may outsource accounting to an accounting firm.

Financial statements and audit

The financial statements provide information on a company's results and financial standing.

Invoicing and payments

Offer several payment methods, in order to meet the needs of as many customers as possible. The terms of payment must be agreed precisely.