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Construction and renovation


  • a valid building permit is required in order to start building
  • apply for a building permit from the municipal building supervision authority.

If you want to deviate for example from the local detailed plan or the building regulations for a justified reason, you need a valid deviation decision before applying for a building permit. The deviation may, on certain conditions, be granted by the municipality. If you apply for a building permit in an area not covered by the local detailed plan, you must have a valid planning need decision before submitting an application for a building.

The application for the deviation decision or the planning need decision must be submitted to an authority designated for the task by the municipality. Certain minor deviations can be processed together with the decision on the building permit. Check with the municipal building supervision authority what the procedures are.

Minor construction projects

Most minor construction and alteration work requires a building or action permit. For example, you will need a permit for changing the purpose of the building, for building an extension, for repairing structures or technical services in the building, or for making changes to the facade. You may also need a demolition permit.

Check with the building supervisory authority in your municipality what permits you will need. Even when a permit is not required for the minor construction or alteration work, you have to comply with the regulations concerning building.

Shareholders of housing companies must inform the housing company of their plans to carry out repairs or make alterations. The housing company will assess the impact of the work and the need for supervision.

Reports to Tax Administration

You must report to the Tax Administration information on all construction work covered by a building permit. This report must always be submitted before a final inspection is carried out by a building inspector. If the building is commissioned before the actual final inspection takes place, the report must also be submitted before the commissioning inspection.

You may get tax credit for household expenses if you have renovations done in your home.

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Updated: 5/20/2021