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Finnish Trade Register information

Finnish Trade Register information contains a compilation of your registered roles in companies and organisations. The roles include private trader, member of the board of directors, managing director, partner, auditor, and holder of procuration.

Example of content:

Roles in companies

  • Last name:Meikäläinen
  • First names:Maija
  • Personal identity code:120202-1234
  • Status:NORMAALI

Maijan yritys Oy

  • Company registered:11.8.1997
  • Business ID:123456-3
  • Company status:Rekisterissä
  • Person's roles in the company:
    • Organ:Yhtiömiehet
    • Role in organ:Yhtiömies
    • Date of registration of the organ:29.1.2010

Register data is not available in English. Data will be shown in Finnish.

Privacy statement

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Services relating to the register:

Virre Information Service:Opens in a new window. more detailed Trade Register information about companies

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Instructions for error situations

If your details are inaccurate, you can request the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) to correct the inaccurate details. If you no longer are a responsible person in the company, please submit a notification of termination of appointment. Go to to read the instructions on how to submit a correction request and a notification of resignation.

Companies and organisations are obliged to report changes to the Trade Register. Persons themselves can notify the register of the termination of their appointment. Notifications of changes to the Trade Register are subject to a fee. Read more: How to notify the Trade Register of terminated appointment or your own resignation.Opens in a new window.