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Property information

The property information shows a compilation of central information about you that has been stored in the Land Information System. The Land Information System consists of the information in the cadastre and in the title and mortgage register covering the entire country. You cannot use the property information shown in your data to prove your ownership of a property. For that, you need to use official extracts and certificates from the Land Information System.

Example of content:

Mina fastighetsuppgifter

  • Person:

    Matti Meikäläinen

Recipient of title, Register unit

  • Real property unit identification number (property identifier):


  • Name:


  • Type of register unit:


  • Municipality:

    Alavus (010)

  • Registration date:


  • Total area:

    12,510 ha

  • Land area:

    12,510 ha

Transfer recipient, Unseparated parcel

  • Unseparated parcel identification number:


  • Municipality:

    Oulu (564)

  • Register unit:


  • Registration date:


  • Registration data source:

    Notice of property conveyance

  • Status:


Data protection description

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Instructions for error conditions

If your personal identity code is missing in the Land Information System, the property you own will not be found in this service. Please contact the National Land Survey's customer serviceOpens in a new window.. We will register a missing personal identity code free of charge.


Recipient of title: ownership is registered in the title and mortgage register on the basis of an application for registration of title.

Transfer recipient: ownership has been transferred e.g. through a bill of sale, but it has not been registered in the title and mortgage register on the basis of an application for registration of title. The issue may be pending or no application for registration of title has been submitted (within 6 months from the date of transfer of ownership).

Leaseholder: a leasehold has been registered in the title and mortgage register.