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Persons returning to the job market or just beginning their working career benefit from work trials. Thanks to a work trial, they may get their foot in the door at a prospective employing company. It’s advised you try to find a workplace yourself. Nevertheless, TE Offices will also provide you with information about employers interested in arranging work trials.

A work trial gives you a perfect o ...

Do the following

Contact your local TE Office when you wish to participate in a work trial in order to clarify your interests or aptitude for a specific task or profession.

To whom and on what terms

A work trial will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the working life, try different tasks and professions and to get help in finding out which lines of work suite you best. One objective of work trials is also to clarify your professional plans. Work trial can also be used to support you when you are returning to the labour market after a long absence. You may take part in a work trial for example when:

  • You don’t have any kind of occupational training.
  • It is necessary you change professions due to health issues or structural changes in the job market.
  • You have been absent from the labour force for a long time, for example due to long-time unemployment or family leave.
  • You’re considering self-employment and wish to clarify your interests and suitability for entrepreneurship.

In a work trial, you will work with tasks previously unfamiliar to you. Only in cases where you have been absent from the labour force for a long time, work trial may be arranged in a profession or tasks you already have previous knowledge of. In these cases, the purpose of the work trial is to support the person’s return to work. For example, it is not possible to arrange work trials to employ newly examined persons within their own branch of profession, that is, to help them gain work experience.

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