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The duties of veterinarians of Urban Environment Division include the protection of Helsinki-based animals, prevention of animal diseases and organising care for stray animals.

In addition to this, the Urban Environment Division's municipal veterinarians take care of the monitoring of pet shops, stables and other animal facilities and compile the animals' official health certificates necessary ...

Do the following

To whom and on what terms

Municipalities are required to provide basic veterinary services for other animals than livestock only in the case that the service is not otherwise available within the co-management area.

Background information

Veterinary services include health checks, diagnoses and treatment of illnesses, as well as the issuing of veterinary certificates. The services also include ensuring the health and welfare of animals, preventive health care and putting an animal down when it is necessary.

Municipalities often provide veterinary services in cooperation with neighbouring municipalities. Basic veterinary services are available on weekdays during office hours and as urgent veterinary assistance with all domestic animals around the clock. These services are mainly intended for farm animals. A municipality may have its own veterinarians or it may make a service agreement with a private veterinary service.

The service is provided by

City of Helsinki

Responsible for the service

Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
Text edited by: Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
Updated: 3/10/2023