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The Police University College Library

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The Police University College Library’s collections focus on policing and the security sector, leadership and management, jurisprudence, criminology, and other social and behavioral sciences. We provide services to everyone working in the police staff. Any other persons wanting to become customers are advised to make a separate agreement on the matter. We also provide interlibrary loan services, e ...

Do the following

Degree students of the Police University College become library customers when they accept their study place and approve the transfer of their personal information from the student register to the library database. Members of the police administration become customers, when they contact the library. Persons not belonging to the police administration may contact the library about becoming customers. Depending on the situation or need, an agreement is made with them on becoming the Police University College Library’s customer or on the use of interlibrary loan services.

To whom and on what terms

To become a customer, the person needs to belong to the police administration or study for a degree at the Police University College. However, persons who are not part of the police administration can contact the library to make a separate agreement on becoming customers.

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Police University College

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Police University College
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Updated: 18/5/2020