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The import of agricultural products into the European Union

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
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Importing certain agricultural products from third countries requires an AGRIM import certificate. These products are rice, sugar, hemp seeds meant for planting, hemp seeds meant for other uses than planting, raw or soaked hemp and agricultural ethyl alcohol. In some cases when importing agricultural products from third countries, preferential treatment is applied which is often tied to a certain ...

Do the following

When you apply for an import or export license for the first time:

  1. Clarify what you are about to import/export by identifying the goods’ CN code. Find out whether you need a standard licence or whether there is a tariff rate quota that entitles to alleviations. If necessary, you may consult the customs authorities to determine the right CN code.
  2. Get the EORI number from Customs.
  3. Register as a customer of the Finnish Food Authority by filling the form 561000.
  4. Register as an electronic service user by submitting the form 5610271 to the electronic import and export service.
  5. Pay the required security. With respect to standard import licences, the amount of the deposit can be found from the Application Guide. For quotas, you have to check the amount from the regulations or consult us.
  6. Apply for a licence in the electronic import and export service. Remember to include a quota number if you are applying for a tariff rate quota.
  7. Remember to use the licence and return it to the Finnish Food Authority after use.

We process licence applications that are received by 14:00 o’clock during the same day. Quotas may be subject to special rules regarding the dates of applications and issuing dates.​

The Finnish Food Authority will not process import or export licence applications on national midweek holidays.

The public holidays of the European Commission in 2019 may affect the dates for lodging import licence applications and issuing import licences under certain tariff quotas concerning grain, rice and olive oil, and the dates for issuing out-of-quota export licences for sugar and isoglucose. Additional information: Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2016/2054

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To whom and on what terms

For companies that import certain agricultural products from third countries to the EU. In some cases AGRIM import certificates require setting a security collateral in euros before the AGRIM import certificate can be granted. The tariff quotas often also have other conditions, such as proof of previous trade with third countries or proof of origin. You can find more information at A company applying for an AGRIM import certificate must be in the Finnish VAT Register, must register as a client of the Finnish Food Authority’s Market Department and apply for credentials for the application service for import and export certificates. The company must have an EORI number granted by Customs.

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