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Responsible for the service Digital and Population Data Services Agency guides for citizens and companies

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In the guides, you can find clearly written information about situations where you need the services provided by different authorities.

In these guides

  • you’ll find information and instructions for a wide variety of different situations
  • you can view the services available.

The guides are produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in cooperation with public authorities and organisations.

State, municipalities and other organisations supply the information about the services that they provide for different target groups and the details of the service channels. You can view all this information in

Do the following

You can search for information in by using search words or by browsing through different subjects.

The guides are grouped in two sections:

  • Information and services for citizens help you in different life situations.
  • Information and services for companies or organisations help you in the planning and setting up of your business and in the running of business operations.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byDigital and Population Data Services Agency
Responsible for the serviceDigital and Population Data Services Agency
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Updated: 18/8/2022