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Starting activities that have been granted an environmental permit

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

You can start your permitted activities when the decision for the environmental permit gains legal force. The environmental permit decision gains legal force if 38 days have passed since the decision was issued and no appeal has been lodged to the Vaasa Administrative Court.

However, for justified reasons, a permit applicant can request for a right to commence operations before the decision gains legal force. The authority processing the permit handles the request in conjunction with the environmental permit application and issues provisions on it when making a decision on the environmental permit. The authority processing the permit can restrict the implementation of the permit decision and make demands regarding the implementation date.

If the permit applicant receives the right to commence operations before the decision gains legal force, the authority processing the permit can impose a security to the applicant. Under the obligation of security, the permit applicant must restore the environment if the permit decision is revoked or the provisions on the permit are amended. The obligation to pay a security does not apply to the state or its institution or a municipality or federation of municipalities.

A permit holder can request for permission to commence activities within 14 days from the end of the appeal period with a separate application. Before making the decision, the authority processing the permit will hear supervisory authorities about the request to start activities as well as those who appealed against the permit decision.

Do the following

If you are requesting a permission to start your activities regardless of an appeal, you must justify it in your application. A financial gain is usually not a sufficient justification. Starting the activities must not cause the appeal to be redundant. The security sum must be enough to restore the environment after the activities, in case someone appeals against the decision and the decision is therefore repealed or the permit conditions are changed.

If you wish to start your activities early, you must lodge a security set by a permit authority in accordance with the instructions of your regional ELY Centre. If no one appeals against the decision and the decision is not changed in court, the permit holder can apply for the security to be released.

To whom and on what terms

The Regional State Administrative Agency may grant a permission to start activities regardless of an appeal provided that starting the activities does not make the appeal redundant. The permit holder must comply with the regulations of the decision for an environmental permit.

If the Regional State Administrative Agency has granted an environmental permit for the activities and the right of implementation, the permit holder must lodge a security set by an authority for restoring the environment in case the permit decision is repealed or permit conditions changed. The security must be paid before the start of activities.

The request to start activities regardless of an appeal is processed free of charge in connection to processing an application for an environmental permit. As its own petitionary matter, a fee for processing another matter concerning an environmental permit will be charged for the request to start activities. The total sum will be defined based on the amount of work involved. The fees are determined by the Government Decree on the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ Fees in 2019 and 2020.

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