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Start-up grant – support for a new entrepreneur

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The start-up grant is an allowance granted by the TE Office for a new entrepreneur. Its purpose is to secure a new entrepreneur’s livelihood at the starting phase of new full-time entrepreneurship when the income generated by the company is still low. Start-up grant encourages people to continue as entrepreneurs.

The start-up grant may be granted for a maximum of 12 months and it is applied for ...

Do the following

When you are planning on starting a business and applying for start-up grant, the first thing to do is to contact Enterprise Finland Telephone Service. The advisors guide and inform you on starting a business and on applying for a start-up grant.

When you begin to plan on starting a business, contact the TE Office as well. In general, a start-up grant will not be granted, if full-time entrepreneurship has already started before the TE Office has made the decision on granting a start-up grant. An appointment can be made by phone or by sending a contact request in the E-services of TE Services for personal customers.

Be prepared to discuss your business idea and plans on starting a business with a TE Office expert. You will also talk about the competitive situation among companies in your line of business in your area, your preparedness for entrepreneurship and your need for support at the start of the business operation. If required, you may be offered preparatory training for entrepreneurship. A statement may be requested from an external party, for example, a local business services centre.

Apply for a start-up grant in the E-services of TE Services for personal customers. When applying online, you can follow the processing of your application. Use the printable form only in exceptional situations. Describe the business operation as clearly as possible in the form. When making an application, you need an operating plan and a financial plan for your company among other things.

After receiving a favourable decision and starting your business, familiarise with the KEHA Centre’s instructions on applying for a start-up grant payment. Apply for a payment in order to receive the start-up grant. Apply for a start-up grant payment from the KEHA Centre in the E-services of TE Services for personal customers. The additional information related to the electronic payment application or any clarification requests can be viewed in the E-services of TE Services for personal customers. Thus, you should follow the status of your application regularly. If you are unable to apply for payment online, deliver the form ‘Application for a Payment of a Start-up Grant’ and its annexes to the KEHA Centre.

If you need a start-up grant for a period longer than the period covered by the initial decision, apply for an extension either in the online services or with a printable form at the latest one month before the end of the valid start-up grant period.

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To whom and on what terms

You may be eligible to receive a start-up grant to support entrepreneurship if you are an unemployed job seeker, an employed person, a student or a part-time entrepreneur starting full-time entrepreneurship and if you live in Finland and establish your company in Finland.

The following matters are assessed when making the start-up grant decision:

  • full-time entrepreneurship,
  • potential for profitable and continuous operation,
  • your capabilities for entrepreneurship,
  • your need for the allowance, and
  • the validity of any permissions required by the business operation.

When deciding whether to grant an extension to the start-up grant, the TE Office assesses whether the business has started as planned and how profitable the operation has been.

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Updated: 31/1/2024