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Satakunta Legal Aid Office, Säkylä office (by appointment only)

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It is often necessary to use a legal counsel to handle legal matters. Principally, the parties themselves pay for the legal assistance they need. If they cannot afford the assistance they need, it can be paid for in part or in full from state funds.

The state has legal aid offices, in which legal aid is provided by public legal aid attorneys. In court cases, legal aid is provided not only by publ ...

Visiting address

Rantatie 268
27800 Säkylä

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Telephone number

Asiakaspalvelu sopimuksen mukaan.
+358 2956660530 
(local/mobile network fee)

Postal address

Tulkkilantie 27 A
32800 Kokemäki

Text edited by: Legal aid and public guardianship districts
Updated: 12/6/2023