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Financial and debt counselling services, Haapavesi office (by appointment only)

  • Service location

Financial and debt counselling will help you with financial questions, big and smalls. Our service are confidential and free of charge.

Financial and debt counselling provides:

  • advice with all kinds of daily financial matters, such as financial planning and keeping to a budget
  • help with questions relating debt and over-indebtedness

A financial and debt counsellor:

  • helps weigh different sol ...

Visiting address

Rynnäkkötie 1, 2. krs
86600 Haapavesi

Service hours

Open only by appointment.

Other contact details

Telephone number

Customer service is open on weekdays 8 - 16.15.
+358 295661310 
(local/mobile network fee)

Postal address

Puistokatu 39
85800 Haapajärvi

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Updated: 30/1/2024