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Ahvenoja daycare centre

  • Service location

Ahvenoja daycare centre is located in a quiet area close to nature in the Kuivasjärvi district in the Ahvenoja area.

Visiting address

Ratsastajantie 3
90540 Oulu

Other contact details

Telephone number

Director Eija Pellikainen,
+358 447035462 
(local/mobile network fee)
Deputy director Sinikka Kallunki,
+358 447035441 
(local/mobile network fee)
Special Education Teacher in Early Childhood Education Eveliina Airas,
+358 404828724 
(local/mobile network fee)

Postal address

Ratsastajantie 5
90540 Oulu

Text edited by: City of Oulu
Updated: 22/1/2024