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Service conselling for immigrants

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The city provides guidance and counseling services for immigrants. The aim is to promote the integration of new residents into the city and enhance their opportunities for active participation in society.

The Migration Coordinator collaborates with social services, early childhood education, schools, youth services, the library, healthcare services, as well as the church and various associations. ...

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The city has appointed a Migration and Service Coordinator, who you can contact regarding immigration matters.

Additionally, Uusikaupunki is involved in the Development Project for Immigration Guidance and Counseling Services (MOPPI). The project is aimed at immigrants and new residents of the city. The project coordinator operates from the Ukipolis premises.

Background information

Immigrants are offered guidance and counselling related to integration, health and social welfare services, housing, personal finance and livelihood, studying and work. The advisers explain what services are available, how they can be accessed and what the preconditions for using them are. They direct immigrants to all service providers.

Immigrants can get counselling for example on telephone or by visiting a service point. The advisers do not make decisions related to the services.

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City of Uusikaupunki

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City of Uusikaupunki
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Updated: 4/1/2024