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School transport

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Comprehensive school pupils may be provided with tickets for Helsinki City Transport by way of transport assistance, provided that their one-way journey from home to school is at least 2 kilometres in forms 1-6 or at least 3 kilometres in forms 7-10. The distance to school means the shortest route commonly used by pedestrians, which is measured from the school gate to the border of the pupil's hom ...

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Background information

Pupils in pre-primary or basic education are entitled to free school transport organised by the municipality if

  • the distance to school is over five kilometres one way or
  • the journey otherwise is too difficult, strenuous or dangerous in view of the pupil’s age or circumstances.

The daily travel to school and back home may take at most two and a half hours including any waiting time, and for pupils aged 13 or over, three hours.

An alternative to free transport is a subsidy granted to the parents for transporting and accompanying the pupil.

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City of Helsinki

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Education Division, Helsinki
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Updated: 23/3/2023