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Respite for fine or other payment enforced by Legal register centre

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Legal Register Centre can, on request, grant respite for the payment of claims under execution. Respite for payment can be granted both for fines and other claims.

In matters that have advanced to execution, granting respite for payment is decided on by the execution officer.

Do the following

Respite can be applied after you have received notification or demand for payment from Legal register centre. The respite can be applied on the online form, printable form or with a free-form application.

The application is to present:

  • the matter which the application concerns
  • motivated grounds for the request for respite
  • an account for the person's ability to pay and a proposal for the scheme of payment
  • contact data and signature

If necessary, the Legal Register Centre may ask the debtor or the execution officer for further clarification.

To whom and on what terms

When a debtor, due to illness, unemployment, military service or some equivalent reason, is unable to remit a payment immediately (by the date of maturity), he/she can be granted respite for the whole amount or part of it for a year at the most. For very weighty reasons, respite for payment can be granted even for a longer time.

Time for payment of damages which two or more parties are jointly liable to pay can only be granted for the total amount, not a per capita share.

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Legal register centre

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Legal register centre
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Updated: 10/9/2021