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Responsible for the service Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

Requests for information

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Fimea registry will reply to questions and document request regarding registered documents. The registry maintains a case registry of matters processed by Fimea and the related documents and processing steps.

A public document shall be notified no later than within two weeks after the request has arrived. If there are a lot of requested documents or they contain confidential information or in ca ...

Do the following

Requests for information are made primarily through an online form sent to registry online. Requests for information can also be sent by email or by phone. Copies of documents are possible subject to a fee.

To whom and on what terms

Official documents are public unless otherwise provided by the law. An authority is entitled not to disclose any secret documents. Every individual has the right to access documents pertaining themselves even if they were ordered to be kept secret by law.

The service is provided by

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

Responsible for the service

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea
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Updated: 1/3/2023