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Rehabilitation guidance

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The purpose of the rehabilitation guidance is to support the clients functional capacity and independence.

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You can take contact directly, without a referral. Also, relatives, therapists and other experts in the client’s rehabilitation process can take contact with the clients permission. We can make home, daycare, school and workplace visits.

Background information

The rehabilitation counsellor assesses the rehabilitee’s functional capacity, coping and life management in their daily life and living environment. The rehabilitation counsellor uses the assessment to determine what kind of rehabilitation and services the rehabilitee needs. The rehabilitation guidance can also help the rehabilitee advance towards working life, for example with work guidance.

If necessary, the rehabilitee can be provided with information on what benefits are available to them and how they can apply for them. In addition, the rehabilitee receives practical information on their illness or disability as well as guidance on using the necessary assistive devices. The rehabilitation counsellor also supports and assists the rehabilitee in meetings with other parties and in the planning of their rehabilitation.

The purpose of rehabilitation counselling is to ensure that the rehabilitation supports the rehabilitee’s coping in everyday life. The aim is to help the rehabilitee function successfully and live a meaningful life.

Rehabilitation counselling is provided by wellbeing services counties, hospitals, Kela, TE services, insurance companies, foundations, organisations, and private service providers.

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Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia

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Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia
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