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Registering activities in the environmental protection information system

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The registration is a registration measure without an administrative decision or orders. The authority has the right to request the operator to supplement the notification, in order to assess whether the conditions for registration have been met.

The activity to be registered must comply with the requirements laid down in the sector-specific regulation. The purpose of the sector-specific regulati ...

To whom and on what terms

If a trader has established their business in another country within the European Economic Area and intends to provide their services temporarily in Finland, the trader is subject to the same obligations as all other traders established in Finland.

Background information

Operators undertaking activities that affect the environment have the obligation to register their activities in the environmental protection information system. The activity can begin when the municipal environmental authority has registered the activity, or a period of 30 or 60 days have passed since the notification was submitted.

The obligation to register also applies to dry cleaners and activities that use organic solvents, as well as to concrete batching plants and concrete product plants. At the time of registration, the authority ensures that the operator complies with the relevant environmental protection requirements.

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