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Public purchase witnessing

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Real-estate or land sales, exchanges and gifts must always be made in writing. A public purchase witness confirms the deed of transfer with a certificate. City-employed public purchase witnesses confirm deeds of transfer as regards also private real-estate and land sales throughout the country.

The public purchase witness' fee is €120 (+ travel expenses), in cash.

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Background information

A certification of purchase means the certification of the transfer of a property in the presence of all signatories to the deed of transfer. A certification of purchase must be carried out for sales, gifts, trading and partitioning agreements. A certification by an attesting notary is also required for precontracts on intended sales of properties. Certification of purchase is not used for estate distribution or distribution of matrimonial assets.

The attesting notary will verify the identity of the parties concerned and verify that the form of the deed of transfer meets the statutory requirements. The parties must be able to prove their identity at the time of signing. The transfer is invalid without the certification of purchase and the buyer will not be able to have his or her title to the property registered.

Contact details of all attesting notaries can be found in the register of attesting notaries. No confirmation is required for electronic property transfers made in the Property Transaction Service of the National Land Survey.

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