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The prepayment is a tax paid in advance, for example, on rental income, capital gains and foreign income (such as pensions). Prepayment must be paid if the tax is not withheld directly from income. Farmers and entrepreneurs also pay prepayments of their income.

The amount of prepayment is based on an estimate of the taxable income. If the income or deductions change or do not correspond to the es ...

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You can request tax prepayments, change the prepayment or the omission of prepayments during the tax year. From December of the tax year until the end of your taxation, you can apply for and pay additional prepayments.

The due date for prepayment is the 23rd of the month. If it is not a business day, the due date is the next working day.

Request for a new or change an already imposed prepayment primarily in MyTax.

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