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Permits for using and renting streets and green areas

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Placement permit

When placing structures, such as new lines above or below the street, pipes, or similar, a placement permit granted by the landowner, i.e. the city, is required. A placement permit must always be granted before applying for a construction or excavation permit, and a copy of it must be attached to the before-mentioned permit application. A plan map showing the exact location an ...

Do the following

Requests for permits and reservations can be made to municipal authorities responsible for the construction and maintenance of streets and green areas.

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To whom and on what terms

If a trader has established their business in another country within the European Economic Area and intends to provide their services temporarily in Finland, the trader is subject to the same obligations as all other traders established in Finland.


### Placement permit Apply for a permit no later than 6 weeks before the planned start of the work. ### Area permit for an event Apply for an actual area permit no later than 1 month before the event. Applications for June, July and August events must be submitted during May.

Period of validity

The period of validity of permits is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Background information

Permits for using streets and green areas for exceptional purposes must be sought from the municipality. A permit must be sought for such purposes as cultural events.

If you need to lease a street or green area due to, for example, nearby construction work, you must post a worksite board that details the party performing the work and the contact details of the person responsible for the work.

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