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Responsible for the service The city of Haapavesi

Permit in accordance with the Water Traffic Act

  • Permit or other obligation
  • 2 municipalities
  • Public service

Apply for a permit for competitions, practice and other events referred to in section 106 of the act from the environmental protection authority.

Do the following

Attach a map of the area covered by the activity, written permission from the partners in a jointly owned water area, an account of the safety factors and a plan for tidying up the area or other repairs after the event to the permit application.

To whom and on what terms

If the entrepreneur has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same permits are required as from entrepreneurs established in Finland.

Background information

You must apply for a permit from the municipal environmental authority for a competition or practising carried out with motorboats or other motorised watercraft. If the event covers several municipalities, the permit application will be processed by the ELY centre. You must apply for a permit if the event is recurring or will be organised regularly. A permit must also be applied for an individual event if it can be expected to cause considerable disruption to nature, the environment, residents, public recreational use of the area and fishing.

A permit as provided in the Act on Waterborne Traffic is not required if the area already has an environmental permit or if the local plan specifies that this sort of activity is the primary purpose of the area.

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The city of Haapavesi

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The city of Haapavesi
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Updated: 30/1/2023