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Responsible for the service KEHA Centre

Payment of special government grant for guidance and counselling services for immigrants

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports municipalities with a special grant for the establishment and development of guidance and counselling services for immigrants. The purpose of the grant is to enhance the integration and employment of immigrants by developing guidance and counselling services and related multidisciplinary cooperation.

The grant can support the establishment of a guidance and counselling service for immigrants or the development and consolidation of an existing guidance and counselling service.

The compensable expenses consist of direct costs arising from the implementation and development of guidance and counselling services for immigrants, such as costs related to the personnel, facilities and outsourced services. The compensable expenses related to outsourced services can be from acquiring digital services or applications for the implementation of multilingual guidance, communication materials or guidance and advisory work.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment decides on the grants. The payment of the grant is requested afterwards and by following the special terms concerning costs as well as the payment periods specified in the grant decision.

The KEHA Centre handles the payment requests concerning grant applications.

Do the following

The payment unit of the KEHA Centre will pay the discretionary government transfers upon application. The application is submitted in the regional administration e-services.

How to apply for payment

Once your support application has been approved, you can apply for payment electronically in the regional administration e-services in accordance with the terms of the grant decision. Complete the application thoroughly and add the required appendices.

More information about authorisation

A person authorised by the municipality can submit the payment request in the regional administration e-services. The authorisation to use the services is given in e-Authorizations. Mandate roles ensure that the persons preparing and sending grant applications have the right to represent the organisation.

Authorised persons use the e-service on behalf of their organisation through e-Identification. You can log into the e-service with your personal banking IDs, a mobile certificate or a certificate card after you have been authorised. In addition to e-Authorizations, organisations need their business ID to use the e-services.

The mandate for transactions required when using the regional administration e-services is called Työllisyyden, ympäristön, elinkeinotoiminnan ja liikenteen valtioavustusten hakeminen (Applying for government grant for employment, environment, business activities and transport). The mandate theme is specified by the identifier OHJAUS.

The authorisation is subject to the valid instructions of the service.

Persons without separate authorisation can act on behalf of an organisation only if they have an existing mandate for transactions or a right based on register data.

To whom and on what terms

Provincial centres and the joint municipal authorities that carry out contractual tasks related to promoting integration in their area’s municipalities can apply for the grant.

It is granted as special discretionary government transfer as referred to in the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (688/2001). Projects that have received a grant decision for activities at a centre of expertise can request the payment. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s instructions on the terms and restrictions of special grants (VN/765/2021) apply to processing the payment requests.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Development and Administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices
Other responsible organisationsMinistry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Responsible for the serviceDevelopment and Administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices
Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 18/7/2022