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Organisation cards

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Organisation cards are certificate cards meant for employees of organisations. The organisation card can be used for:

  • logging into the e-services of public administration
  • logging into the organisation's data systems
  • logging into a workstation
  • electronic signatures
  • email encryption and signatures
  • identification upon access to premises.

Contactless access management technology can be installed in the cards. The organisation can decide the layout of the organisation card. The cards can be either with or without a picture.

The organisation cards are valid for five years. The period of validity depends on the organisation and employment.

You should order a new card if the certificate data content or any details printed on the card have changed. Such changes could concern, for example, the second name or email address. You should also order a new card if the card is damaged or lost.

The delivery time for the card is from one to two weeks.

Do the following

Make an agreement for certificate card orders in the e-services. After receiving a notice of an approved agreement, you can complete the online training.

Complete the training for registration officials. The training is necessary in order to ensure an appropriate identification of card applicants and management of cards. You can fill out an application to become a registration official on the e-services.

  • If your organisation orders over 20 cards a year, the cards will be ordered through the Vartti system. You can use the system after finishing the online training and after your application has been processed. Vartti is a browser-based application for ordering and managing cards as well as their certificates throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • If your organisation orders under 20 cards a year, the card applications can be submitted on paper. You will receive a paper form after the training.

The organisation cards are sent to the registration point. The activation code for the card is sent to the card holder's home address or to their workplace under their name.

An organisation can also authorise a registration point of another organisation to order their cards. An agreement with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is required also under these circumstances. The organisation must contact the registration point they wish to authorise and agree on the authorisation. The customer number of the registration point in question is required for the agreement. For more information, please email varmennepalvelut(at)

The card’s applicant must be identified in the registration point. The applicant needs to bring a valid identity document, such as an ID card or passport. Valid passports or ID cards issued by an authority of a member state of the European Economic Area, Switzerland or San Marino, or a passport issued by some other nation's authority are also accepted for identification. If the applicant does not hold any of these documents, the police may verify their identity by other methods upon request.

The smart card must be activated before its electric properties can be used. In order to activate the card, a card access number is required, which will be sent in a separate letter. When activating the card, the card holder will create two personal PIN codes. The PIN codes are needed, for example, to identify for services or for electronic signatures.

To whom and on what terms

Ordering organisation cards requires an agreement with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency as well as completing the online training for registration personnel. An organisation is recommended to have at least two registration personnel. The organisation's registration personnel must not order a card for themselves.

The registration personnel receives access rights to the Vartti system after they have completed the Vartti registration official training and submitted the registration official application. You can submit the application in the e-services.

Organisation cards are tied to the organisation and employment. If an employment ends, the certificate must be disabled by the revocation service. Afterwards, the card can no longer be used. The certificate can be disabled by either the organisation's registration personnel or the employee in question. The registration personnel marks the card disabled on the Vartti system. If the card is lost or broken, the certificate must be disabled by contacting the revocation service.

A fee is charged for the service.

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