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Oral and dental care

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The oral and dental care in Soite offers examinations and treatment of oral and dental diseases for citizens of all ages in Soite's area. Its units include the dental clinics in Kokkola, Kruunupyy, Lestijokilaakso and Perhonjokilaakso.

Do the following

Ordinary appointments to dental health care are usually booked by phone. Please read the instructions on booking appointments on Soite's website.

To whom and on what terms

We charge persons over the age of 18 a fee of 50.80 € for a booked appointment that has not been used.

Background information

Oral health care services include the promotion of oral health, oral health examinations, and the examination, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Oral health care operates in cooperation with other health care and social welfare services.

The service is provided by

Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia - Soite

Responsible for the service

Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia - Soite
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Updated: 1/1/2023