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Notification of the terms and conditions of employment of non-EU workers

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

If you employ a citizen of some other country than an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, or a member of their family, you must without delay provide the TE Office or the local government pilot with information on the principal terms of employment of the foreign person.

The TE Office or local government pilot must be notified of the terms and conditions of the employment ...

Do the following

You can submit a notification electronically through the Enter Finland service for employers.

Complete the printable form and tick the box ‘Giving the worker details’. Pay special attention to section 4. Main terms and conditions of work. Submit the form to the TE Office or local government pilot.

You can also provide the information in a free format, such as a copy of the employment contract. The notification must include information about the main terms and conditions of work, such as the principal assignments, the duration and nature of the work, salary, the applicable collective labour agreement and the period of notice.

Enclose a copy of the employee’s passport or residence permit card in order to verify their identity.

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You must submit the notification without delay after the employment contract is signed.

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Updated: 9/8/2023