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Notification of primary production premises

  • Permit or other obligation
  • 9 municipalities
  • Public service

The primary producer must submit a written notification to the municipal food control authority of the primary production premises and operations. A notification is not needed in case the authority is notified of the primary production premises by another authority.

Primary production means the production, rearing or growing of primary products. It includes harvesting, milking and all stages of farmed animal production prior to slaughter.

The following are examples of primary production:

  • milk and egg production
  • keeping beef cattle
  • fishing and fish farming
  • farming vegetables, fruits, grains and mushrooms
  • honey production.

Primary production also includes the transport, storage and handling of the products at the place of production so that the nature of the products is not significantly changed. In addition, it includes the transport of live animals and other products of primary production, except for transporting milk, to the next handling place in the food supply chain.

Notification of primary production is not required for hunting or picking wild plants and mushrooms even if the purpose would be to sell these products for consumption.

Do the following

Submit a written notification for the municipal food control authority of your place of primary production and the primary production operations practised there.

The notification must include

  • your name, address and other necessary contact details
  • your business ID, code of holding or customer code, or if these are not available, your personal identity code
  • the address and name (if needed) of you primary production premises
  • information on the nature and extent of the operation.

You must also write a self-monitoring description for the operations of your primary production premises.

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To whom and on what terms

The operator must ensure that the place of primary production, the production carried on there and the products of primary production produced meet legal requirements. Product safety must not be compromised.

The operator must notify about changes to the primary production, suspension of the production for more than a year or termination of the production. The food control authority must be notified by latest when the changes enter into force.


The notification of new operations must be made well in advance before commencing the operations. The operations may be started even if the notification process is still under way.

Period of validity

The notification is valid for an indefinite term.

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