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Notification for keeping animals

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Uusikaupunki
  • Public service

In order to keep certain animal species, the operator must submit a notification of their animal husbandry activities to the register of animal keepers.

Such animals are

  • bovine
  • pigs
  • sheep
  • goats
  • poultry
  • bees
  • bumble bees
  • fur animals
  • farmed rabbits
  • camels and deers (except reindeer of herding communities in the reindeer management areas)
  • equidae.

The municipality of Vehmaa manages the rural services of Uusikaupunki and the rest of Vakka-Suomi in a centralised manner.

Do the following

Submit the notification in the e-service of the animal keeper and location register. Alternatively, you can submit the notification on a form to the Rural Livelihood Authority of your municipality or federation of municipalities who will enter your animal keeping in the animal keeper register.

To whom and on what terms

Prior to making a notification for keeping animals, you need to make a notification of the location of animal keeping.

The registration in the register of animal keepers can be made if the animal keeper has provided all the required information with the registration form and there are no impediments for animal keeping.

When interrupting or terminating animal keeping, the animal keeper has to inform the rural development official of the municipality.

If you keep bovine, pigs, sheep or goats, their numbers must be notified to the animal register and updated when necessary.

A trader established in another European Economic Area that provides its services in Finland on a temporary basis is required to submit the same notifications as a trader established in Finland.


The notification must be given both prior to starting the operations and within 30 days of interrupting or terminating animal keeping.

Period of validity

The registry will remain in effect until the animal keeping is notified to have been terminated.

The service is provided by

Vehmaan kunta

Responsible for the service

City of Uusikaupunki
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Updated: 24/2/2023