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Message exchange

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In message exchange, a company sends the customs declarations directly from its own information system as XML messages to the Customs system and retrieves the response messages from the Customs system. If the company makes a lot of customs declarations and the declarations contain several items, message exchange is a faster and often cheaper way to submit customs declarations. A service provider c ...

Do the following

Read the instructions and guides for message exchange on the Customs website and decide whether your company wants to manage the message exchange itself or use an IT service provider. If necessary, you can contact the Customs business information services.

Get software to prepare and send notification messages to Customs.

Apply for a registration to use message exchange in the Authorisations and Decisions service. Read instructions for applying for the registration on the Customs website. Before using the service, please read the instructions for identification and how to use the services on the Customs website.

After applying for the registration, the Customs will contact your company. The company must test the functionality of telecommunications connections and software with Customs before it can start using message exchange.

Once your company has been registered to use message exchange, you can start production and order disruption notices.

Information on all service channels is not available in your chosen language. Change the language of the site to receive information on service channels in other languages.

To whom and on what terms

Companies need a registration decision from Customs to use the message exchange. Read instructions for applying for the registration on the Customs website.

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Updated: 18/7/2023