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Local development support for an active lifestyle

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The local development support for an active lifestyle supports local development projects that improve the health and wellbeing of different age and population groups. The projects aim at increasing the amount of exercise in accordance with exercise recommendations as well as to make an active lifestyle part of the daily lives of Finnish people. A project can include a single target group, such as ...

Do the following

Apply through the regional administration e-services.

Attach the following documents to your application:

  • operating plan that includes the operational environment, objective, content, planned measures as well as monitoring and assessment with their schedules
  • plan of the applicant’s management to commit in realising the project
  • a plan to stabilise the measures to be a part of the regular service system
  • a cost estimate for the above-mentioned measures in the operating plan
  • a financial plan for financing the costs of operations
  • an excerpt from the budget that displays the self-financing
  • written commitment of other possible partners as well as their contact details and distribution of work
  • the community's profit and loss account, asset and liability statement and auditor’s statement from the previous financial year as well as extract from the association register (others than municipalities)
  • an account on any support applied or received for the same purpose
  • other documents the applicant wishes to refer to.

You can find further details on how to apply and the application form from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The sender is responsible for the application’s delivery. The application is rejected if the Regional State Administrative Agency receives it after the application period.

The application period ends usually in October or November. You can find the application period from the detailed instructions on how to apply posted on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Regional State Administrative Agency will make support decisions annually by the end of February.

To whom and on what terms

The support can be granted for municipalities, joint municipal authorities as well as providers of early childhood education and care. The support cannot be granted directly, for example, for municipal early childhood education and care units (the municipality must be the applicant), sports and exercise clubs or other local associations, regional organisations, unregistered communities, private individuals or for commercial use.

In order to receive support, the project must have self-financing that covers roughly half of the total estimated costs. The self-financing cannot be imputed costs, such as imputed rent of the municipality's own facilities or voluntary work that does not include income or expenditure accounted in the bookkeeping. The recipient of the support will give an account of the self-financing together with the settlement of accounts.

The support cannot be granted for commercial activities, construction or for the statutory or regular operations of an organisation. Projects that are for organising a single event or for procurement of equipment will not be funded. Projects that only aim at reducing the amount of sitting or other stationary activities are not supported with this appropriation. However, reducing the amount of sitting or other stationary activities is hoped to be a part of the supported projects.

Background information

Act on the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity

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