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Landscape-work permit

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Earthwork altering the landscape, tree-felling or other similar measures may not be carried out without a permit (action restriction):

  • in a local detailed plan area.
  • in a shore plan area, if the plan so specifies.
  • in a local master plan area, if the master plan so specifies, with the exception of felling trees in an area that is designated as an area for agriculture and forestry in the m ...

Do the following

You can apply for landscape-work permits electronically through the service. The permit is granted by the environmental protection authority of the municipality of Pirkkala.

To whom and on what terms

No permit is required for work with only minor impacts.

If the entrepreneur has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same permits are required as from entrepreneurs established in Finland.

No permit is required to carry out work that is necessary in order to implement a local detailed plan or a local master plan, or that is in accordance with a building or action permit.

A permit is also not required for action on an approved road plan as referred to in the Highways Act or an approved railway plan in accordance with the Act on railways. The provisions on a landscape-work permit do not apply to land extraction for which a permit referred to in the Land Materials Act is required.

Period of validity

A landscape-work permit is valid for three years.

Background information

The owner or holder of a land area must apply for a landscape work permit in order to carry out earth works, tree-felling or similar action altering the landscape in areas covered by a local detailed plan. A landscape work permit is also required in areas covered by a local master plan, if the plan so requires.

The decision on the application is taken by the authority designated for the task by the municipality. No landscape work permit is required to fell individual trees for the purpose of caring for plots. Neither is a landscape work permit required for actions that are related to an issued building permit or action permit.

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Municipality of Pirkkala
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Updated: 20/12/2022