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Job search training

  • Service
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

Job seeking is a skill that can be learned. As you develop your job-seeking skills, you will learn

  • to assess your own competences and incorporate them into a job application and CV
  • how companies recruit staff and
  • to use job-search channels that are best suited for you.

Once you have completed your job-search training, you will be able to search for information on the labour market, companies and vacancies more effectively.

The development of job-seeking skills comprises

  • independent information seeking and guidance in finding information
  • discussions of your own skills with the instructor or other participants
  • writing job applications and CVs under supervision.

You can learn job-seeking skills in job-search training courses provided by TE Offices or in job-search network group.

Job-search training is free of charge and takes 1-10 days. Trainings are held both online and in-person either at TE Offices' or a private service provider's locations. Job-search training is a service that promotes employment, which means that you will receive the same unemployment benefit as if you were an unemployed job-seeker. Make sure you keep your job search valid.

Do the following

See upcoming job-search training courses and register for training as requested by your TE Office. You will agree on the training in your employment plan.

To whom and on what terms

An unemployed jobseeker at a TE Office might be required to participate in job-search training.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 7/5/2020