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Infrastructure support for electric transport and biogas transport use

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Infrastructure support for the use of electric transport and biogas supports investments related to the expansion of the electric car charging network and the gas car refuelling network.

support is distributed to four different groups: gas refuelling stations, electronic public transport charging systems, high-performance passenger car charging systems and basic passenger car charging systems.

The granting of the support shall be decided on the basis of a tendering procedure. More detailed instructions and dates can be found on the Energy Authority's website in the section on road transport infrastructure support.

Do the following

Read in advance the terms and conditions of the tendering process and the information required in the tendering process about the instructions for support applicants.

Use e-Authorization to authorise one or more people as the tenderer. The mandate can be found under the category Energy supply, and its name is Application for infrastructure support for electric transport and biogas transport use. If the e-Authorization cannot be made, please contact us by e-mail

Fill in and submit the tender form in the Energy Authority's electronic service.

To whom and on what terms

support may be granted:

  • for companies
  • for municipalities
  • for other entities

No support is granted

  • for organisations financed from the state budget
  • for agencies, institutions or other institutions within a financial organisation
  • for founding projects receiving government transfers
  • for housing companies or residential properties or related projects
  • for farms

Moreover, no support may be granted if the undertaking or entity is in financial difficulty.

Applying for infrastructure support requires that the company has authorised one or more representatives to submit an application with a e-Authorization.

A fee is charged for the service.

Basic information

The service is provided byEnergy Authority
Responsible for the serviceEnergy Authority
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 2/18/2021