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Guidance counselling in general upper secondary education

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General upper secondary school students have the right to receive personal and other guidance counselling according to their needs, as well as guidance related to further studies and seeking employment. Guidance supports students’ well-being, growth and development, provides material for increasing self-knowledge and self-direction and encourages active citizenship. Guidance can be arranged as tea ...

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You can contact the guidance counsellor at your upper secondary school through Wilma.

To whom and on what terms

Each general upper secondary student is entitled to guidance counselling.

Background information

General upper secondary students are entitled to regular guidance counselling as part of their studies. Students are also provided with counselling on how to pursue further studies.

As a general upper secondary student, you must prepare yourself a personal study plan, which sets out your study goals, matriculation examination plan, a plan for further studies and a career plan. You must prepare the plan at the start of your studies with the assistance of the teaching staff and it will be regularly updated as you are making progress with your studies.

You are entitled to counselling related to pursuing further studies and making career plans if you have completed the general upper secondary school syllabus and have not received a study place leading to a degree. You are entitled to the counselling in the next calendar year after completing the syllabus. The counselling is the responsibility of the education provider in whose educational institution you have completed the syllabus. The education provider may have centralised all post-examination guidance into one specific educational institution.

The purpose of the guidance is to ensure that the students are able to use the guidance and other counselling that they have received, will thoroughly examine further study options and are able to prepare meaningful further study and career plans during their general upper secondary studies.

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