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Grant for the promotion of waste management in fell areas

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Grant for the promotion of waste management in fell areas can be applied for by associations, companies and municipalities operating in a fell area. It is available for associations, businesses and local authorities operating in fell zones, especially for the purpose of reducing litter, and for development and education relating to waste management systems and approaches for the fell regions of La ...

Do the following

If possible, submit your application online (Application for waste management grant for fells). If you are unable to use the online form, you can use a printed application form instead. Send the application as an attachment to the general online form to the registry of the Lapland ELY Centre. You can also send the form by post.

Proving the right to use services

Prepare to prove that you have the right to act on behalf of the applying organisation. If you use the local government e-service, we recommend that you use the e-Authorizations service. In the e-Authorizations service, organisations can authorise individuals to act on their behalf in matters within the scope of a specific authorisation. If a authorisation is used in applying for aid, organisations can also apply for an authorisation for other individuals during the project if there are changes in personnel, for example. Authorisation concerning this aid is “Applying for subsidies for employment, environment, business and transport”. More information about authorisations is available in the service.

If you have the sole right to sign for your organisation as defined in your organisation’s rules, you can submit an electronic application on your organisation’s behalf without any separate authorisation.

If you do not have the sole right to sign for your organisation and your organisation does not use the e-Authorizations service, or if you apply for aid using a printed form, attach a power of attorney with your application.

Payment application

The grant is usually paid retrospectively based on actual costs. Up to 25% of the grant can be paid in advance if it is deemed justified from the point of view of the use and monitoring of the grant.

Use the payment application form with separate instructions. There is also a separate form for recording work hours in the case of unpaid work.

Send your payment application form as an attachment to the general online form of the ELY Centre directly to the Lapland ELY Centre. There are separate online forms for organisations/businesses and local authorities. Choose the appropriate ELY Centre under Asia > Virasto in the online form.

Alternatively, you can send your application by post to a payment unit location of the KEHA-Centre. See the KEHA-Centre website for contact information.

Information on all service channels is not available in your chosen language. Change the language of the site to receive information on service channels in other languages.

To whom and on what terms

The grant is available for legal entities, i.e. registered associations and other organisations, businesses, municipalities, etc. The grant is not available for government agencies, institutions or private individuals.

The eligibility of the initiative is assessed based on the application and supporting documents. A carefully completed application with photos and supporting documents will speed up the processing.

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ELY Centre, ELY Centre for Lapland

Other responsible organisations

KEHA Centre, ELY Centre for Lapland

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ELY Centre
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Updated: 25/9/2023