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If you are planning to arrange a fireworks display at any other time than New Year’s night, you must submit a notification of this in advance.

Basis on your notification, the rescue authority may decide on the matter, which may impose necessary conditions for the use of fireworks or prohibit their use if it would pose a significant risk. If the rescue authority approves the notification and grants permission for the fireworks display, you will be given permission to acquire and store the fireworks.

You can only use fireworks without submitting a written notification to the rescue authority on New Year, from 31 December, 18:00, to 1 January, 02:00. Rescue departments decide regionally whether fireworks are permitted during the Venetian Festival or whether a separate notification is required.

The police must be notified of any fireworks displays. The organiser of the display must also submit a notification of the operations to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Consumer fireworks (store-bought fireworks)

The use of fireworks without a separate notification to the rescue authorities is allowed between December 31, 6 pm, to January 1, 2 am. During other times, the use of fireworks must be notified to the municipality's rescue authorities at least 5 days before the event. The notification will be made using the Use of fireworks form.

Professional fire ...

Do the following

The notification must indicate the following:

  • the intended place of use
  • the exact time of use
  • personal and contact details of the users.

To whom and on what terms

If a trader who is established in another country belonging to the European Economic Area provides services on a temporary basis in Finland, they are required to apply for the same permits for their activities as traders established in Finland.


The notification must be submitted at least five days before the intended time of use of the fireworks.

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City of Helsinki

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City of Helsinki, The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division
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Updated: 31/3/2024