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Export certificates for foodstuffs and other products of animal and plant origin

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Export certificates for foodstuffs and other products of animal and plant origin are used to ensure that the product fulfils the requirements set for the export outside the EU. The company is responsible for ensuring that their product meets the requirements of the country of destination. Depending on the product, the export certificate is issued by the local control authority or the Finnish Food Authority.

The requirements for export certificates vary depending on the product and the country of destination. For instance, a veterinary certificate or a free sale certificate is required for exports of animal-based products, whereas an export certificate for organic products is required for exports of organic products, and a free sale certificate or a phytosanitary certificate is required for exports of plant-based feed.

An export certificate may only cover one export consignment at once, as is the case with the veterinary certificate. Free sale certificate, on the other hand, is usually not consignment-specific, but is valid for one year instead.

If Finland or the EU have agreed with the country of destination on an official model export certificate, it must be used. If there is no official model certificate, please use the general certificate formulated by the Finnish Food Authority and have it approved by the authorities of the country of destination in advance.

Do the following

If you plan to export foodstuffs or other products of animal or plant origin, check the requirements of export from the country of destination and ensure that your company and product fulfil those requirements. Find out whether you will need an export certificate for the export. If a certificate is required, find out well in advance what type of certificate you will need and which authority you can get it from.

Submit all the required documents to the issuing authority in a timely manner. Once the corresponding authority has issued an export certificate, the certificate must be sent to the country of destination together with the export consignment. The certificate will be checked in the country of destination as part of the border formalities.

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To whom and on what terms

The products that require an export certificate for foodstuffs and other products of animal and plant origin include, for example, foodstuffs, animals, embryos, gametes, plants, wood products, feed, fertilizers and by-products.

If the trader is established in another EEA state and provides services in Finland on a temporary basis, they are required to have the same permits as the traders established in Finland.

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